Asian massage and its 6 benefits that should make you consider getting one

Asian massage and its 6 benefits that should make you consider getting one

Gaining popularity all across the world, the Asian massage (nuru)is fabled for its refined sensuality and an innovative technique, that straddles the line between the raunchy and erotic and the relieving and therapeutic.Of course, having a naked masseuse slide over your equally naked body in the most provocative manner is sexy and exciting, but, erotic theatrics aside, this procedure has actual merits and can help you in way you didn’t think possible. What are those? Read on and find out!

Asian massage relieves stress like no other

Stress relief and nuru simply belong together. The same can be said for lots of massages, but the erotic relief that nuru provides can hardly be matched by your local Swedish massage practitioner. You wouldn’t believe until you tried, but ask anyone who went through it and chances are quite high that he would confirm it – this procedure kills stress like none other!

It can do wonders for your skin

This is a lesser known fact, but the nuru gel that is used throughout this massage is a true blessing from your skin. Made from a nori seaweed and additional herbal extracts, this gel needs to be heated before being spread all over the body. It is often lauded for its softening, moisturising and detoxifying properties, leaving your skin smooth and cleansed. If you decide to try this procedure at home, you will certainly appreciate the fact that the gel has no odour or taste and doesn’t leave stains!

It increases blood flow and therefore detoxifies the body

Gradual toxin build-up affects everyone and this procedure can help in reversing its effects and rid your body of unwanted toxins. The special massaging techniques work to improve blood flow, causing the toxins to be flushed out quicker and be expelled through the skin. The body will need to stay hydrated throughout the whole procedure, so don’t forget to have a glass of water ready after your session is over!

It can also strengthen you immune system

This ties closely with the previous point. The improved blood circulation rids the body of unwanted chemical, therefore allowing it to recover and strengthen its defences.Plus, the overall  cutting down of stress levels and tension relief will be great for your immune system, which can be overloaded when coping with stress.

It can improve your erotic life

A regular massage simply can’t do this. Thankfully, nuru can. Its strong erotic aspect can be beneficial in helping with sex-related problems or dissatisfactions with one’s intimate life.  Be it a low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low erotic self-esteem or other issues, a nuru session can really help with all of this. It places no expectations on you – you’re free to indulge in exploring your sexual potential to your heart’s content. The procedure itself is furthermore very arousing, but unrushed, utilising the so-called edging to allow for a better control of your orgasm.

It can be emotionally nourishing for a while

The average nuru session is a very close and personal thing, during which short-time personal and emotional bond is formed between the client and the therapist. These bonds will eventually dissolve, but for the moment, the spark will be there. If you suffer from loneliness or a lack of emotional connection, it could be a good momentary substitute for it! Of course it’s just a quick fix – but still better than nothing!

So, these were the 6 benefits that this Asian massage can bestow upon those who indulge in it. Perhaps you’ll consider getting one after learning of those – who knows?

Why do you think the nuru massage, as well as other erotic massages, are mostly stigmatised in the context of a mainstream discourse? Do you see the approach to them being relaxed in the near future? How do you view their sexual aspect? Would you consider getting one if you were in the relationship? Would it be cheating or a therapy and why? Discuss it with others below!

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